Being in-gear

Life teaches us many lessons. When we are different frames of mind, we experience our lives in many ways. If we are just working all the time, we are just existing and not living. To be living, you need to experience your surroundings and fully embrace the simple things around you. If you just exist, you are too busy to reap the benefits of everything around you. You are rushing, running, trying to catch up and not in the moment. By being more mindful aka 'slowing down', you are living because you take advantage of the true wonders around you in real time. You are not dwelling on the past or even wishing for something to happen in the future. You are content and living in the now while being happy for today's accomplishments. Once you slow down, you are able to see things more clearly and positively. Don't ever forget the value of positive thoughts, positive actions and positive self-talk!

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